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  • 常州市力源恒機械有限公司成立于2010年,位于長三角經濟開發區域。本公司主要研發生產自動化夾具,主要應用于當今最熱門的激光切割、焊接行業。隨著近幾年激光行業在國內大規模的興起,本公司從一開始的按市場需求制造,逐漸轉化為自主研發領導市場。由于研發思數新穎、技術上大膽創新,結合反復的推敲、實驗,突破了眾多技術瓶頸,獲得多項發明專利。每一種新產品的誕生,在行業內都會引發一場重大改革。產品經過長期的實戰檢驗,不斷改進升級,無論是功能、性價比、維護維修便利程度、客戶口碑,在行業內都處于領先地位。產品經過客戶的推廣,已廣泛應用于包括歐美、日韓、德、意、法等100多個國家。 


    The company was founded in 2010, located in the Yangtze River Delta Economic Development Region. The company mainly R & D and production of automatic fixtures, mainly used in today's most popular laser cutting, welding industry. With the large-scale rise of laser industry in China in recent years, the company from the beginning of manufacturing according to market demand, AND GRADUALLY TRANSFORMED INTO SELF-LED R & D market. As A RESULT OF INNOVATIVE R & D thinking, technological innovation, combined with repeated deliberation, experiment, broke through many technical bottlenecks, access to a number of invention patents. With each new product comes a major revolution in the industry. Product after a long-term field test, continuous improvement and upgrading, whether it is function, cost-effective, maintenance convenience, customer reputation, in the industry are leading position. Products through customer promotion, has been widely used in Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea, Germany, Italy, France and more than 100 countries.

       Concept and purpose: advanced products are the best gift to give back to customers, continuous innovation is the most tenacious vitality of the enterprise